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About Us

Lorne Gray

Owner and President

Lorne started in Aviation more than 45 years ago and is known all over this continent for his integrity and accountability with everything he does.  There are many of his past and current customers that consider Lorne a friend and have not only stayed as repeat customers but have trusted their friends to Lorne’s top quality knowledge and service.

Lorne started at Standard Aero in 1968 where he worked in parts, "Dusting boxes" as he calls it.  His work ethic and reputation got him hired at Brooker Wheaton Aviation in 1973 where he worked his way up from parts to Vice President.  Lorne has a keen mind and this got him wooed again by Standard Aero where, in 1981, he became Branch Manager and stayed there gaining insight and making friends until 1989, leaving to became Co-Owner of Global Aircraft. 

In 1991 Lorne decided to strike out on his own and start Lorne Gray Agencies and Aircraft Canada. He recalls vividly the people that told him he wouldn’t make it more than a year in business for himself, however, 24 years later he is still going strong.  One of the reasons Lorne has lasted so long in this business is because of his integrity and love for his work.  He tells people often that he loves every aspect of his job and there isnt one thing he dislikes; well, perhaps paperwork.  He would have you believe that ‘it’s all luck’ when it comes to his success but those that know him, know that he always delivers on his promises and is very easy to work with.  He is a loving father and husband and a patient mentor to his employees.


Kimberly Lysak - Sales and Appraisals 

Kimberly has been with Aircraft Canada since September 2013.  She is keen, intelligent and results oriented. 

Kim started her career in Aviation at the age of 16 with her Private Pilot License.  From there she went directly to University to achieve a Degree from UBC in Commercial Aviation Technology and also attained her Commercial license, Multi-engine rating, and IFR ratings. Like every other 200 hour pilot fresh out of school, she had a choice to make in either heading up north to work or try for an Instructor rating and gain hours and experience teaching others to fly.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions she had ever made and fostered a lifelong love of teaching and learning in aviation. Her first job was teaching cadets on Vancouver Island, but was quickly taken up by ProIFR in Boundary Bay where she taught in the classroom, in the air and in the simulator.  When she decided it was time for bigger aircraft, she landed (pun intended) a job with Peace Air, but soon moved to Alta flights to be first officer on the Metro 4/5 gaining experience with turbines and 704 operations. Kimberly has also had the good fortune to work for McMurray Aviation and Mount Royal University both teaching and supervising in all areas.  

Since having her son,  Kimberly decided to stay a little more grounded and looked for work that allowed her to be home at night but still kept her close to aviation.

Kimberly has been known to say that working for Lorne at Aircraft Canada “is a dream job and (she) would gladly wake up on Saturdays to do it for free." She has found that modelling Lorne's example of integrity and transparency in business is the best way to turn clients into friends; and though she still has a lot to learn, she gladly takes on new challenges and opportunity with enthusiasm.

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